Without a hitch 👍

6: Hitches

October 19, 2021 Richard Allardice Episode 6
Without a hitch 👍
6: Hitches
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Today’s episode is about hitchhiking, and that choice you have to make when someone pulls over to give you a ride: Should I trust this person? Listen to four tales where this was a difficult question to answer. Note: Contains R-rated language and themes. Features: 

  • A paranoid fellow wielding a machete and asking where I live
  • Looking for love in the wrong places, by a driver obsessed with porn and a shade removed from reality
  • Incredibly inappropriate humour during a high-speed dash through Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Throwing caution to the wind in Japan in the pursuit of maximum freedom, but then hopping in a car with a guy claiming “gun”
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