Without a hitch 👍

5: Smoko

October 03, 2021 Richard Allardice Episode 5
Without a hitch 👍
5: Smoko
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Today’s episode is about work. It chronicles a series of jobs that I thought were terrible at the time, although perhaps I should have given them more of a chance. I was young, and didn’t yet have much of a work ethic. Features: 

  • Riding the zeitgeist and cleaning toilets – epiphanies while working the nightshift
  • Kiwifruit, Viagra and the gift of rain – trying and failing to develop a work ethic
  • Animal impressions, chess addiction and meaningful work – attempting to be an upstanding museum worker, with mixed results
  • Google Doc lurkers – why are people always in that Google Doc, week after week, month after month?

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